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About SD:R

The SunDog Resurrection Project was started by Bruce Webster, the original creator of Sundog about 10 years ago as an Open Source project to bring the classic Apple II and Atari game to the PC and handheld platform via the Java programing language.

The project went through various stages and heavy member turnover; however, it remained alive in some form or another during the past decade, often between long periods of dormancy.

Bruce Webster announced on his webpage in early 2011 that Wayne Holder was designing a commercial remake of Sundog, much to the excitement of Sundog fans worldwide. This project is ongoing and still in development, and will supersede the SD:R project upon its release as the official progeny of the original Sundog.

In early 2012, the SD:R project kicked into high-gear as original SD:R team member and project admin Jake LaForet began working with a new developer to the project, Wai Hong Ho.  Starting from scratch, Hong began coding the game engine while Jake continued to create artwork and redesign existing artwork, map the cities, and create sound effects. Aimed at the mobile Android platform and Java-enabled desktops, the game is intended to re-create the look and feel of the original Atari game, but with vastly improved graphics, stock market engine, and additional features that enhance the playability but retains the spirit of the original.

It is anticipated the SD:R project will release an Alpha in July 2012, with a Beta release to follow thereafter.

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